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English English - Definition of effacement 
n. act of erasing, wiping out; destruction
n. obliteration, effacing, erasing, deletion, wiping out, wipe, erasure, rub
Spanish English To Spanish - effacement 
s. borradura; eliminación
French English To French - effacement 
n. effacement; destruction
German English To German - effacement 
n. Auslöschung; Zerstörung
Italian English To Italian - effacement 
s. cancellatura
Portuguese English To Portuguese - effacement 
s. ato de apagar; aniquilação
Russian English To Russian - effacement 
с. стирание, вычеркивание
Turkish English To Turkish - effacement 
i. giderme, yok etme, ortadan kaldırma, geri planda kalma
English French To English - effacement 
(m) n. obliteration, effacing, erasing, deletion, wiping out, wipe, erasure, rub
Albanian English To Albanian - effacement 
n. fshirje, shuarje
Dutch English To Dutch - effacement 
zn. uitwissing; uitroeiing
Greek English To Greek - effacement 
ουσ. εξάλειψη
Dutch French To Dutch - effacement 
(écriture) schrapping (f); doorhaling (f); doorstrepen (n); uitwissing (f); uitvegen (n)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - effacement 
(名) 擦掉, 抹去
ChineseT English To ChineseT - effacement 
(名) 擦掉, 抹去
Japanese English To Japanese - effacement 
(名) 抹消, 消去
Korean English To Korean - effacement 
명. 말소
German French To German - effacement 
n. löschung, tilgung, verwehung
Italian French To Italian - effacement 
(écriture) cancellatura (f); cancellazione (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - effacement 
(écriture) apagamento (m); anulação (f); supressão (f)
Russian French To Russian - effacement 
n. стирание (m), стирание (магнитной записи) (m), вычеркивание (m), помеха (m), отвод (зажимного элемента) (тех.) (m), отклонение (инструмента) (тех.) (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - effacement 
(écriture) tachadura (f); borradura (f)
noun: withdrawing into the background; making yourself inconspicuous
noun: shortening of the uterine cervix and thinning of its walls as it is dilated during labor.


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