adj. effective, producing the desired result
English - Spanish - efficacious Pronunciation
adj. eficaz, efectivo
English - French - efficacious Pronunciation
adj. efficace
English - German - efficacious Pronunciation
adj. wirksam, effektiv
English - Italian - efficacious Pronunciation
agg. efficace
English - Portuguese - efficacious Pronunciation
adj. eficaz
English - Russian - efficacious Pronunciation
прил. эффективный, действенный, производительный
English - Turkish - efficacious Pronunciation
s. etkili, tesirli, yeterli, yararlı
English - Albanian - efficacious Pronunciation
adj. efektshëm: i efektshëm
English - Dutch - efficacious Pronunciation
bn. doeltreffend
English - Greek - efficacious Pronunciation
επίθ. αποτελεσματικός, δραστικός
English - Chinese - efficacious Pronunciation
(形) 有效的; 灵验的
English - Chinese - efficacious Pronunciation
(形) 有效的; 靈驗的
English - Japanese - efficacious Pronunciation
(形) 効き目のある
English - Korean - efficacious Pronunciation
형. 효과 있는
adjective: marked by qualities giving the power to produce an intended effect Example:Written propaganda is less efficacious than the habits and prejudices.
..of the readers-Aldous Huxley. adjective: producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect Example:An efficacious law.

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Synonyms for efficacious
effective: cogent, potent, persuasive, influential, convincing