Definition of effuse Pronunciation
1. Poured out freely; profuse.
2. Disposed to pour out freely; prodigal.
3. Spreading loosely, especially on one side.
An effuse inflorescence
4. Having the lips, or edges, of the aperture abruptly spreading, as in certain shells.
5. To emit; to give off
6. To gush; to be excitedly talkative and enthusiastic about something
7. To pour out like a stream or freely; to cause to exude; to shed.
8. To leak out through a small hole
9. Effusion; loss
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English - English - effuse Pronunciation
v. overflow, pour out, exude
v. effuse
English - Spanish - effuse Pronunciation
v. verter; difundir, radiar; exudar, efluir
English - French - effuse Pronunciation
v. s'épancher
English - German - effuse Pronunciation
v. ausgießen, ausströmen
English - Indonesian - effuse Pronunciation
v. mengeluarkan
a. mengeluarkan: yg mengeluarkan
English - Italian - effuse Pronunciation
v. effondere, spargere; (fig) emanare, diffondere, irradiare
English - Polish - effuse Pronunciation
v. wylać, wydzielać, śmigać, rozprzestrzeniać się, wylewać, wydzielić, śmignąć
English - Portuguese - effuse Pronunciation
v. efundir, derramar
English - Romanian - effuse Pronunciation
v. vărsa, revărsa, împrăştia, emite
English - Russian - effuse Pronunciation
г. изливать, испускать, распространять
English - Turkish - effuse Pronunciation
f. dışarı akıtmak, dökmek, sızdırmak, açılmak, sızmak, yayılmak
s. yayılmış, dağılmış
English - Ukrainian - effuse Pronunciation
n. пролиття
v. проливати, виливати, литися, вивергати
a. виливатися: що виливається, невтримний
Italian - English - effuse Pronunciation
[effondere] v. effuse
English - Dutch - effuse Pronunciation
ww. overdaad, uitbundig
English - Greek - effuse Pronunciation
ρήμ. εκχέω, εκχύνω
English - Arabic - effuse Pronunciation
English - Chinese - effuse Pronunciation
(动) 泻出; 散发; 流出
English - Chinese - effuse Pronunciation
(動) 瀉出; 散發; 流出
English - Hindi - effuse Pronunciation
v. बहाना
a. बहनेवाला
English - Japanese - effuse Pronunciation
(動) 放出する; にじむ, しみでる; 流れ出る; やたらと話す
English - Korean - effuse Pronunciation
동. 발산하다, 발산시키다
English - Vietnamese - effuse Pronunciation
v. chảy ra, thổ lộ
a. đổ, rót ra

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for effuse
Present participle: effusing
Present: effuses
Past: effused
Future: will effuse
Present conditional: will effuse
Present Perfect: has effused
Past Perfect: had effused
Future Perfect: will have effused
Past conditional: will have effused