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English English - Definition of effuse 
v. overflow, pour out, exude
v. effuse
Spanish English To Spanish - effuse 
v. verter; difundir, radiar; exudar, efluir
French English To French - effuse 
v. s'épancher
German English To German - effuse 
v. ausgießen, ausströmen
Italian English To Italian - effuse 
v. effondere, spargere; (fig) emanare, diffondere, irradiare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - effuse 
v. efundir, derramar
Russian English To Russian - effuse 
г. изливать, испускать, распространять
Turkish English To Turkish - effuse 
f. dışarı akıtmak, dökmek, sızdırmak, açılmak, sızmak, yayılmak
s. yayılmış, dağılmış
English Italian To English - effuse 
[effondere] v. effuse
Albanian English To Albanian - effuse 
v. derdh, lëshoj, zbraz
adj. derdhës, papërmbajtur: i papërmbajtur
Dutch English To Dutch - effuse 
ww. overdaad, uitbundig
Greek English To Greek - effuse 
ρήμ. εκχέω, εκχύνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - effuse 
(动) 泻出; 散发; 流出
ChineseT English To ChineseT - effuse 
(動) 瀉出; 散發; 流出
Japanese English To Japanese - effuse 
(動) 放出する; にじむ, しみでる; 流れ出る; やたらと話す
Korean English To Korean - effuse 
동. 발산하다, 발산시키다
verb: pour out Example:Effused brine.
verb: give out or emit (also metaphorically) Example:The room effuses happiness.
verb: flow or spill forth


Tenses for effuse
Present participle: effusing
Present: effuses
Past: effused
Future: will effuse
Present conditional: will effuse
Present Perfect: has effused
Past Perfect: had effused
Future Perfect: will have effused
Past conditional: will have effused

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