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English English - Definition of eidetic 
adj. pertaining to visual images (seen recently or long before) which can be recalled vividly and with great detail
Spanish English To Spanish - eidetic 
adj. de o relativo a la facultad de visualizar objetos previamente vistos
French English To French - eidetic 
adj. eidétique, photographique (mémoire etc.)
German English To German - eidetic 
adj. eidetisch, photographisch (Erinnerung)
Italian English To Italian - eidetic 
agg. (Filos, Psic) eidetico
Portuguese English To Portuguese - eidetic 
adj. fotográfico (em relação a memória, etc)
Russian English To Russian - eidetic 
живой; рельефный; эйдетический
Turkish English To Turkish - eidetic 
s. nesneleri önceden algılamayla ilgili
Dutch English To Dutch - eidetic 
bn. eidetisch, van foto (betreffende het geheugen e.d.)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - eidetic 
(形) 异常清晰的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - eidetic 
(形) 異常清晰的
Japanese English To Japanese - eidetic 
(形) 直観の; 直観像の
adjective: of visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy


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