Definition of ejaculator Pronunciation
1. A person or thing that ejaculates.
2. A device that stimulates the sex organs of a male animal with electric impulses in order to extract semen from an animal.
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English - English - ejaculator Pronunciation
n. person or thing which ejaculates; one who makes a verbal outburst
English - Spanish - ejaculator Pronunciation
s. eyaculador
English - French - ejaculator Pronunciation
n. éjaculateur, tirant (d'une arme)
English - German - ejaculator Pronunciation
n. Ejakulation; Ausruf, Stoßseufzer; Samenergießer
English - Italian - ejaculator Pronunciation
s. eiaculatore
English - Portuguese - ejaculator Pronunciation
s. ejetor, ejeculador
English - Dutch - ejaculator Pronunciation
zn. bij schietwapen: plotseling uitschieten
English - Chinese - ejaculator Pronunciation
(名) 突然叫喊的人; 射精者
English - Chinese - ejaculator Pronunciation
(名) 突然叫喊的人; 射精者
English - Japanese - ejaculator Pronunciation
(名) 絶叫する人

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