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English English - Definition of eject 
v. expel, emit, discharge
Spanish English To Spanish - eject 
v. eyectar, expeler, expulsar, expulsar a presión, eyacular
French English To French - eject 
v. éjecter, s'échapper
German English To German - eject 
v. ausstoßen, hinauswerfen, auswerfen
Italian English To Italian - eject 
v. espellere, scacciare, buttar fuori, estromettere; (Dir) espropriare; sfrattare; gettar fuori, emettere
Portuguese English To Portuguese - eject 
v. expelir, expulsar
Russian English To Russian - eject 
г. выбрасывать, извергать, выгонять, изгонять, увольнять, выселять, выпускать, катапультировать
Turkish English To Turkish - eject 
f. çıkarmak, kovmak, atmak, fırlatmak, uçaktan atlamak
Albanian English To Albanian - eject 
v. nxjerr, heq, gufon, nxjerr jashtë, derdh
Dutch English To Dutch - eject 
ww. uitgooien, uitzetten
Greek English To Greek - eject 
ρήμ. εκβάλλω, εκδιώκω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - eject 
(动) 逐出, 轰出; 喷射, 吐出; 弹射出来
ChineseT English To ChineseT - eject 
(動) 逐出, 轟出; 噴射, 吐出; 彈射出來
Japanese English To Japanese - eject 
(動) 追い出す; 噴出する
Korean English To Korean - eject 
동. 쫓아내다, 뿜어내다, 사출하다
verb: leave an aircraft rapidly, using an ejection seat or capsule
verb: put out or expel from a place
verb: eliminate (substances) from the body
verb: cause to come out in a squirt


 Synonyms for eject
1. throw out: chuck, expel, expatriate, expulse, ostracise, ostracize, displace, excommunicate
2. dismiss: boot, dislodge, chase, oust, reject, chuck
Tenses for eject
Present participle: ejecting
Present: eject (3.person: ejects)
Past: ejected
Future: will eject
Present conditional: would eject
Present Perfect: have ejected (3.person: has ejected)
Past Perfect: had ejected
Future Perfect: will have ejected
Past conditional: would have ejected

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