Definition of electrometallurgy Pronunciation
1. The deposit of a metal coating on a prepared surface by electrochemical means, as in electroplating and electrotyping.
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English - English - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
n. science dealing with the production of metals using electrochemical processes
English - Spanish - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
electrometalurgia, galvanoplastia, galvanoplástica
English - French - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
n. électrométallurgie, application à la métallurgie de procédés électrolytiques et électrothermiques
English - German - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
English - Italian - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
s. elettrometallurgia, scienza dei metalli prodotti con processi elettrochimici
English - Portuguese - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
s. eletrometalurgia, ciência que trata da produção de metais por meio de processos eletromecânicos
English - Russian - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
с. электрометаллургия
English - Turkish - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
elektrometalürji, elektriksel metalbilim
English - Dutch - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
zn. wetenschap die zich verdiept in vervaardiging van metalen door middel van elektrochemische processen
English - Chinese - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
n. 电冶金 (dıan4 ye3 jın1)
English - Chinese - electrometallurgy Pronunciation
n. 電冶金 (dıan4 ye3 jın1)

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