Definition of embrace Pronunciation
1. To clasp in the arms with affection; to take in the arms; to hug.
2. To cling to; to cherish; to love.
3. To seize eagerly, or with alacrity; to accept with cordiality; to welcome.
I wholeheartedly embrace the new legislation.
4. To accept; to undergo; to submit to.
5. To encircle; to encompass; to enclose.
6. (figurative) To enfold, to include (ideas, principles, etc.); to encompass.
Natural philosophy embraces many sciences.
7. To fasten on, as armour.
8. To attempt to influence (a jury, court, etc.) corruptly.
9. Hug (noun); putting arms around someone.
10. (metaphorical) Enfolding, including.
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English - English - embrace Pronunciation
n. hug, act of wrapping one's arms around another person or thing
v. hug, hold tight, wrap one's arms around; accept; include; surround; attempt to sway the opinion of a judge or jury through bribery or threats
v. hold, have in one's hand, hold in one's hand
English - Spanish - embrace Pronunciation
s. abrazo, abrazamiento
v. abrazar, estrechar; aceptar; abarcar, adoptar, ahijar, circunscribir, contener, incluir, prohijar
English - French - embrace Pronunciation
n. étreinte
v. embrasser, étreindre; adopter
English - German - embrace Pronunciation
n. Umarmung
v. umarmen, an sich nehmen
English - Italian - embrace Pronunciation
s. abbraccio, amplesso, stretta
v. abbracciare, stringere al petto; (fig) accettare, seguire; comprendere
English - Portuguese - embrace Pronunciation
s. abraço
v. abraçar, adotar (uma ideologia ou religião)
English - Russian - embrace Pronunciation
с. объятие, объятия
г. обнимать, обниматься, воспользоваться; принимать, воспринимать, избирать; включать, включать в себя, заключать в себе; содержать, охватывать
English - Turkish - embrace Pronunciation
f. kucaklamak, bağrına basmak, sarmak, kapsamak, benimsemek, ele geçirmek, yakalamak, beslemek (ümit), kucaklaşmak, sarmaş dolaş olmak
i. kucaklama, sarılma, kucaklaşma
English - Dutch - embrace Pronunciation
zn. omhelzing
ww. omhelzen; aannemen
English - Greek - embrace Pronunciation
ουσ. εναγκαλισμός, περίπτυξη
ρήμ. εναγκαλίζομαι, αγκαλιάζω
English - Chinese - embrace Pronunciation
(名) 拥抱
(动) 拥抱; 包含; 互相拥抱; 拥抱
English - Chinese - embrace Pronunciation
(名) 擁抱
(動) 擁抱; 包含; 互相擁抱; 擁抱
English - Japanese - embrace Pronunciation
(動) 抱擁する, 抱く; 包囲する; 包含する; 乗ずる; 達する; 抱き込む
(名) 抱擁; 性交; 囲み; 採用
English - Korean - embrace Pronunciation
명. 포옹, 껴안기
동. 포옹하다, 껴안다; 포착하다, 기꺼이 받아들이다; 둘러싸다; 재판관 배심원등을 포섭하려고 하다

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Synonyms for embrace
1. accept: involve, take, adopt, espouse, seize, welcome
2. hug: strain, press, clasp, enfold, clinch, squeeze, grip
3. contain: hold, encircle, enclose, surround, comprehend, comprise, cover
Verb forms for embrace
Present participle: embracing
Present: embrace (3.person: embraces)
Past: embraced
Future: will embrace
Present conditional: would embrace
Present Perfect: have embraced (3.person: has embraced)
Past Perfect: had embraced
Future Perfect: will have embraced
Past conditional: would have embraced