Definition of embrittle Pronunciation
1. To become or make brittle.
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English - English - embrittle Pronunciation
v. make brittle; become brittle
English - Spanish - embrittle Pronunciation
v.- volverse quebradizo | hacer deleznable
English - French - embrittle Pronunciation
v. fragiliser, rendre fragile
English - German - embrittle Pronunciation
English - Italian - embrittle Pronunciation
v. rendere fragile, friabile; diventare fragile
English - Russian - embrittle Pronunciation
г. делать хрупким, делать ломким
English - Turkish - embrittle Pronunciation
f. gevretmek
English - Dutch - embrittle Pronunciation
ww. bros amken; bros worden

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Verb forms for embrittle
Present participle: embrittling
Present: embrittle (3.person: embrittles)
Past: embrittled
Future: will embrittle
Present conditional: would embrittle
Present Perfect: have embrittled (3.person: has embrittled)
Past Perfect: had embrittled
Future Perfect: will have embrittled
Past conditional: would have embrittled