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English English - Definition of eminence 
n. city in Kentucky (USA); city in Missouri (USA); title of a Roman Catholic cardinal
n. Eminency, title of a Roman Catholic cardinal
n. eminence, elevation; height; rise; knoll, highland
Spanish English To Spanish - eminence 
[eminence] s. eminencia
French English To French - eminence 
n. Eminence, ville du Kentucky (USA); ville du Missouri (USA);l titre réservé aux cardinaux
German English To German - eminence 
[eminence] n. Eminenz, hohes Ansehen; Überlegenheit; Höhe; Hügel; (Anatomie) Körpervorsprung (insbesondere auf Knochenflächen)
n. Eminence, Stadt in Kentucky (USA); Stadt in Missouri (USA); Eminenz, Titel eines römisch-katholischen Kardinals
Italian English To Italian - eminence 
[eminence] s. altura, luogo elevato, eminenza; eccellenza; persona eminente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - eminence 
s. Eminence, cidade em Kentucky (EUA); cidade em Missouri (EUA); título de um cardinal da Igreja Católica Romana
Russian English To Russian - eminence 
[eminence] с. высокое положение, знаменитость; преосвященство, высокопреосвященство, эминенция
Turkish English To Turkish - eminence 
i. tepe, yüksek mevki, itibar
English French To English - eminence 
(f) n. Eminency, title of a Roman Catholic cardinal
Albanian English To Albanian - eminence 
n. lartësi, vend i ngritur, emër, famë, eminencë (titull për kardinalët)
Dutch English To Dutch - eminence 
[eminence] zn. hoge positie, hoge rang; titel; superioriteit; het zich onderscheiden; hoogte; heuvel; (Anatomie) lichaamsuitsteeksel, uitsteeksel in het lichaam (in bijzonder aan oppervlakte van een bot)
Greek English To Greek - eminence 
ουσ. εξοχότης, υπεροχή, περιωπή, ύψωμα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - eminence 
[eminence] (名) 显赫, 高处, 崇高
ChineseT English To ChineseT - eminence 
[eminence] (名) 顯赫, 高處, 崇高
Japanese English To Japanese - eminence 
[eminence] (名) 高位; 猊下, 尊称; 卓越; 高さ; 高台; (解剖学)隆起, 突起(特に骨の表面)
Korean English To Korean - eminence 
명. 고위직; 높이; 언덕
noun: high status importance owing to marked superiority Example:A scholar of great eminence.
noun: a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament


 Synonyms for eminence
1. elevation: height, rise, peak, projection, pinnacle, hill
2. prominence: glory, celebrity, standing, illustriousness, lustre

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