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English English - Definition of emotional 
adj. full of feeling, passionate, sentimental
adj. emotional, full of feeling, passionate, sentimental
Spanish English To Spanish - emotional 
adj. emocional, conmovedor, emotivo, sensacional, sensible, sentimental
French English To French - emotional 
adj. émotif
German English To German - emotional 
adj. gefühlvoll, empfindsam, emotional
Italian English To Italian - emotional 
agg. emozionale; emotivo, impressionabile, sensibile; commovente, toccante; che si abbandona ai sentimenti
Portuguese English To Portuguese - emotional 
adj. emocional, sensível
Russian English To Russian - emotional 
прил. эмоциональный, взволнованный, волнующий
Turkish English To Turkish - emotional 
s. duygulu, hissi, duyarlı, duygusal, hassas, heyecanlı, içli
English German To English - emotional 
adj. full of feeling, passionate, sentimental
Albanian English To Albanian - emotional 
adj. emocional, tronditur: i tronditur
Dutch English To Dutch - emotional 
bn. gevoelsmatig, gevoelig, emotioneel
Greek English To Greek - emotional 
επίθ. ευαίσθητος, συγκινητικός, ευσυγκίνητος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - emotional 
(形) 情绪的; 情感的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - emotional 
(形) 情緒的; 情感的
Japanese English To Japanese - emotional 
(形) 感情的な; 感情に訴える; 感情に関する
Korean English To Korean - emotional 
형. 감정적인
ChineseS German To ChineseS - emotional 
adj. 情绪的。情绪上的。感情上的。感情冲动的。
French German To French - emotional 
adj. émotif, émotionnel
Italian German To Italian - emotional 
adj. emotivo, sentimentale
Russian German To Russian - emotional 
adj. эмоциональный, волнующий
Spanish German To Spanish - emotional 
adj. emocional, emotivo
Turkish German To Turkish - emotional 
s. duygusal, heyecanlı, coşkulu
adjective: determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason Example:It was an emotional judgment.
adjective: of or pertaining to emotion Example:Emotional health.
adjective: of more than usual emotion Example:His behavior was highly emotional.
adjective: of persons; excessively affected by emotion Example:He would become emotional over nothing at all.
adjective: extravagantly demonstrative


 Synonyms for emotional
1. excitable: gushing, spontaneous, demonstrative, fervent, ecstatic, hysterical
2. expressive of emotions: loving, passionate, ardent, moving, feeling, fervent, impulsive

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