Definition of emotional Pronunciation
1. Of or relating to the emotions.
Emotional crisis
2. Characterised by emotion.
3. Determined by emotion rather than reason.
Emotional decision
4. Appealing to or arousing emotion.
Emotional speech
5. Easily affected by emotion.
She’s an emotional person.
6. Readily displaying emotion.
Emotional greeting
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English - English - emotional Pronunciation
adj. full of feeling, passionate, sentimental
adj. emotional, full of feeling, passionate, sentimental
English - Spanish - emotional Pronunciation
adj. emocional, conmovedor, emotivo, sensacional, sensible, sentimental
English - French - emotional Pronunciation
adj. émotif
English - German - emotional Pronunciation
adj. gefühlvoll, empfindsam, emotional
English - Italian - emotional Pronunciation
agg. emozionale; emotivo, impressionabile, sensibile; commovente, toccante; che si abbandona ai sentimenti
English - Portuguese - emotional Pronunciation
adj. emocional, sensível
English - Russian - emotional Pronunciation
прил. эмоциональный, взволнованный, волнующий
English - Turkish - emotional Pronunciation
s. duygulu, hissi, duyarlı, duygusal, hassas, heyecanlı, içli
German - English - emotional Pronunciation
adj. full of feeling, passionate, sentimental
English - Dutch - emotional Pronunciation
bn. gevoelsmatig, gevoelig, emotioneel
English - Greek - emotional Pronunciation
επίθ. ευαίσθητος, συγκινητικός, ευσυγκίνητος
German - Spanish - emotional Pronunciation
adj. emocional, emotivo
German - French - emotional Pronunciation
adj. émotif, émotionnel
German - Italian - emotional Pronunciation
adj. emotivo, sentimentale
German - Russian - emotional Pronunciation
adj. эмоциональный, волнующий
German - Turkish - emotional Pronunciation
s. duygusal, heyecanlı, coşkulu
English - Chinese - emotional Pronunciation
(形) 情绪的; 情感的
English - Chinese - emotional Pronunciation
(形) 情緒的; 情感的
English - Japanese - emotional Pronunciation
(形) 感情的な; 感情に訴える; 感情に関する
English - Korean - emotional Pronunciation
형. 감정적인
German - Chinese - emotional Pronunciation
adj. 情绪的。情绪上的。感情上的。感情冲动的。

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Synonyms for emotional
1. excitable: gushing, spontaneous, demonstrative, fervent, ecstatic, hysterical
2. expressive of emotions: loving, passionate, ardent, moving, feeling, fervent, impulsive