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English English - Definition of empower 
v. bestow authority on a person, give power; enable, allow, permit
Spanish English To Spanish - empower 
v. facultar, apoderar, autorizar, conceder autorización a
French English To French - empower 
v. autoriser, donner plein pouvoir à quelqu'un
German English To German - empower 
v. bevollmächtigen, ermächtigen, befähigen
Italian English To Italian - empower 
v. autorizzare, dare pieni poteri a; mettere in grado; (Dir) dare la procura a
Portuguese English To Portuguese - empower 
v. autorizar; outorgar poder a, dar procuração a
Russian English To Russian - empower 
г. уполномочивать, давать возможность, разрешать
Turkish English To Turkish - empower 
f. yetki vermek, izin vermek
Albanian English To Albanian - empower 
v. autorizoj, jap: i jap mundësi të
Dutch English To Dutch - empower 
ww. machtigen; in staat stellen
Greek English To Greek - empower 
ρήμ. εξουσιοδοτώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - empower 
(动) 授权, 准许; 使能够
ChineseT English To ChineseT - empower 
(動) 授權, 准許; 使能夠
Japanese English To Japanese - empower 
(動) 権限を与える; 許す
Korean English To Korean - empower 
동. 권능을 부여하다, 권한을 부여하다; .할 수 있도록 하다, 허락하다
verb: give or delegate power or authority to
verb: give qualities or abilities to


 Synonyms for empower
1. authorize: entitle, sanction, grant, vest, commission, deputise, deputize, license
2. authorise:
3. enable: capacitate, permit
Tenses for empower
Present participle: empowering
Present: empower (3.person: empowers)
Past: empowered
Future: will empower
Present conditional: would empower
Present Perfect: have empowered (3.person: has empowered)
Past Perfect: had empowered
Future Perfect: will have empowered
Past conditional: would have empowered

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