Definition of empower Pronunciation
1. To give permission, power, or the legal right to do something.
2. To give someone more confidence and/or strength to do something, often by enabling them to increase their control over their own life or situation.
John found that starting up his own business empowered him greatly in social situations.
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English - English - empower Pronunciation
v. bestow authority on a person, give power; enable, allow, permit
English - Spanish - empower Pronunciation
v. facultar, apoderar, autorizar, conceder autorización a
English - French - empower Pronunciation
v. autoriser, donner plein pouvoir à quelqu'un
English - German - empower Pronunciation
v. bevollmächtigen, ermächtigen, befähigen
English - Indonesian - empower Pronunciation
v. menguasakan, memberi kuasa kpd, memberi wewenang, mendaulatkan
English - Italian - empower Pronunciation
v. autorizzare, dare pieni poteri a; mettere in grado; (Dir) dare la procura a
English - Polish - empower Pronunciation
v. upoważniać, upełnomocniać, akredytować, umożliwiać, upoważnić, upełnomocnić, umożliwić
English - Portuguese - empower Pronunciation
v. autorizar; outorgar poder a, dar procuração a
English - Romanian - empower Pronunciation
v. împuternici, autoriza, acredita, permite
English - Russian - empower Pronunciation
г. уполномочивать, давать возможность, разрешать
English - Turkish - empower Pronunciation
f. yetki vermek, izin vermek
English - Ukrainian - empower Pronunciation
v. дозволяти, уповноважувати
English - Dutch - empower Pronunciation
ww. machtigen; in staat stellen
English - Greek - empower Pronunciation
ρήμ. εξουσιοδοτώ
English - Arabic - empower Pronunciation
‏فوض، وكل، منح سلطة، أعطى سلطات واسعة‏
English - Chinese - empower Pronunciation
(动) 授权, 准许; 使能够
English - Chinese - empower Pronunciation
(動) 授權, 准許; 使能夠
English - Hindi - empower Pronunciation
v. अधिकार देना, सामथ्र्य देना, समर्थ बनाना
English - Japanese - empower Pronunciation
(動) 権限を与える; 許す
English - Korean - empower Pronunciation
동. 권능을 부여하다, 권한을 부여하다; .할 수 있도록 하다, 허락하다
English - Vietnamese - empower Pronunciation
v. cho quyền, ủy quyền

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Synonyms for empower
1. authorize: entitle, sanction, grant, vest, commission, deputise, deputize, license
2. authorise
3. enable: capacitate, permit
Verb forms for empower
Present participle: empowering
Present: empower (3.person: empowers)
Past: empowered
Future: will empower
Present conditional: would empower
Present Perfect: have empowered (3.person: has empowered)
Past Perfect: had empowered
Future Perfect: will have empowered
Past conditional: would have empowered