Definition of enamel Pronunciation
1. An opaque, glassy coating baked onto metal or ceramic objects.
2. A coating that dries to a hard, glossy finish.
3. The hard covering on the exposed part of a tooth.
4. A cosmetic intended to give the appearance of a smooth and beautiful complexion.
5. To coat or decorate with enamel.
6. To variegate with colours, as if with enamel.
7. To form a glossy surface like enamel upon.
To enamel card paper; to enamel leather or cloth
8. To disguise with cosmetics, as a woman's complexion.
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English - English - enamel Pronunciation
n. smooth and glossy coating for ornament or protection (metal, pottery, etc.); lacquer, glaze, finish
v. coat with enamel, cover with a smooth and glossy coating (for ornament or protection); lacquer, glaze
English - Spanish - enamel Pronunciation
s. esmalte, barniz
v. esmaltar, aplicar un recubrimiento a, pintar con esmalte
English - French - enamel Pronunciation
n. émail
v. émailler, recouvrir d'émail
English - German - enamel Pronunciation
n. Lackierung, Email, Emaille, Schmelzarbeit
v. lackieren, emaillieren
English - Indonesian - enamel Pronunciation
n. email, cat halus, lapis gigi yg keras, lapis email, glazur
v. mengemail, melapisi dgn porselen
English - Italian - enamel Pronunciation
s. smalto; pittura a smalto
v. smaltare; verniciare a smalto; (fig) decorare a colori vivaci; (Cosmet) dare lo smalto a
English - Polish - enamel Pronunciation
n. emalia, polewa, glazura, lakier
v. emaliować, polewać, glazurować, lakierować
a. emaliowy, polewowy, glazurowy, naszkliwny, lakierowy, lakierniczy
English - Portuguese - enamel Pronunciation
s. esmalte; adorno
v. esmaltar, laquear; adornar
English - Romanian - enamel Pronunciation
n. email, smalţ, pictură pe email
v. emaila, smălţui, picta pe email
English - Russian - enamel Pronunciation
с. эмаль, лак для ногтей, финифть, глазурь, полива
г. покрывать эмалью, покрывать глазурью, испещрять
English - Turkish - enamel Pronunciation
f. sırlamak, emaylamak, minelemek, süslemek
i. mine, sır, emay, emay işi eser, tırnak cilası, diş minesi, emaye
s. emay işi
English - Ukrainian - enamel Pronunciation
n. емаль, фініфта
v. емалювати, глазурувати
English - Dutch - enamel Pronunciation
zn. emaillak, glazuur, vernis
ww. emailleren ( moffelen, glazuren)
English - Greek - enamel Pronunciation
ουσ. εμαγιέ, σμάλτο
ρήμ. σμαλτώνω
English - Arabic - enamel Pronunciation
‏مينا طلاء، طلاء‏
‏طلى بالمنيا، صقل، لمع‏
English - Chinese - enamel Pronunciation
(名) 珐琅; 指甲油; 瓷釉
(动) 涂以瓷釉; 彩饰
English - Chinese - enamel Pronunciation
(名) 琺瑯; 指甲油; 瓷釉
(動) 塗以瓷釉; 彩飾
English - Hindi - enamel Pronunciation
n. तामचीनी, मीनांकारी, दंतवल्क
v. तामचीनी चढ़ना, मीनांकारी करना
English - Japanese - enamel Pronunciation
(動) エナメルを塗る; つやをつける
(名) エナメル; 上薬; エナメル塗料; エナメル質
English - Korean - enamel Pronunciation
명. 에나멜, 에나멜 도료, 금속이나 도자기류에 장식이나 보호의 목적으로 입히는 부드럽고 광택이 나는 도료; 광택제, 락카
동. ...에 에나멜을 입히다, ...에 에나멜을 칠하다, 에나멜로 그리다
English - Vietnamese - enamel Pronunciation
n. nước men, men sứ, men răng
v. tráng men

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Synonyms for enamel
cover: paint, surface, glaze, wash, whitewash, varnish, coat
Verb forms for enamel
Present participle: enamel(l)ing
Present: enamel (3.person: enamels)
Past: enamel(l)ed
Future: will enamel
Present conditional: would enamel
Present Perfect: have enamel(l)ed (3.person: has enamel(l)ed)
Past Perfect: had enamel(l)ed
Future Perfect: will have enamel(l)ed
Past conditional: would have enamel(l)ed