Definition of encouraging Pronunciation
1. Giving courage or confidence or hope.
Encouraging advances in medical research.
2. Furnishing support and encouragement.
The anxious child needs supporting and accepting treatment from the teacher.
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English - English - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. heartening, providing support and incentive
English - Spanish - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. alentador, animador, esperanzador, prometedor, promisorio, que anima
English - French - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. encourageant
English - German - encouraging Pronunciation
[encourage] v. ermutigen, aufmuntern
adj. ermunternd, ermutigend
English - Indonesian - encouraging Pronunciation
a. hati: yg membesarkan hati, harapan: yg membesarkan harapan, mendorong: yg mendorong
English - Italian - encouraging Pronunciation
agg. incoraggiante, di incoraggiamento
English - Polish - encouraging Pronunciation
a. zachęcający, popierający, dopingowy
English - Portuguese - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. animador
English - Romanian - encouraging Pronunciation
n. îmbărbătare, încurajare
a. încurajator
English - Russian - encouraging Pronunciation
прил. ободряющий, ободрительный, обнадеживающий
English - Turkish - encouraging Pronunciation
i. teşvik etme
s. cesaret verici, teşvik edici, ümit verici, yüreklendirici, özendirici
English - Ukrainian - encouraging Pronunciation
a. підбадьорливий, заохочувальний
English - Dutch - encouraging Pronunciation
bn. aanmoedigend
English - Greek - encouraging Pronunciation
[encourage] ρήμ. ενθαρρύνω, εμψυχώνω
English - Arabic - encouraging Pronunciation
‏مشجع، محث، مبشر‏
English - Chinese - encouraging Pronunciation
(形) 奖励的; 可奖励的
English - Chinese - encouraging Pronunciation
(形) 獎勵的; 可獎勵的
English - Hindi - encouraging Pronunciation
a. आशा देनेवाला, उम्मेद दिलानेवाला, यक़ीन दिलानेवाला, हिम्मत बंधवानेवाला
English - Japanese - encouraging Pronunciation
(形) 元気づける; 奨励する
(動) 勇気づける, 励ます, 希望を与える; 奨励する; 促進する
English - Korean - encouraging Pronunciation
형. 격려의, 장려의
English - Vietnamese - encouraging Pronunciation
a. làm hăng hái, làm bạo dạn, làm phấn khởi, làm kích thích

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Synonyms for encouraging
hopeful: likely, promising, rosy