adj. heartening, providing support and incentive
English - Spanish - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. alentador, animador, esperanzador, prometedor, promisorio, que anima
English - French - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. encourageant
English - German - encouraging Pronunciation
[encourage] v. ermutigen, aufmuntern
adj. ermunternd, ermutigend
English - Italian - encouraging Pronunciation
agg. incoraggiante, di incoraggiamento
English - Portuguese - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. animador
English - Russian - encouraging Pronunciation
прил. ободряющий, ободрительный, обнадеживающий
English - Turkish - encouraging Pronunciation
i. teşvik etme
s. cesaret verici, teşvik edici, ümit verici, yüreklendirici, özendirici
English - Albanian - encouraging Pronunciation
adj. inkurajues, nxitës, përkrahës
English - Dutch - encouraging Pronunciation
bn. aanmoedigend
English - Greek - encouraging Pronunciation
[encourage] ρήμ. ενθαρρύνω, εμψυχώνω
English - Chinese - encouraging Pronunciation
(形) 奖励的; 可奖励的
English - Chinese - encouraging Pronunciation
(形) 獎勵的; 可獎勵的
English - Japanese - encouraging Pronunciation
(形) 元気づける; 奨励する
(動) 勇気づける, 励ます, 希望を与える; 奨励する; 促進する
English - Korean - encouraging Pronunciation
형. 격려의, 장려의
adjective: furnishing support and encouragement
adjective: giving courage or confidence or hope Example:Encouraging advances in medical research.
adjective: tending to favor or bring good luck Example:Encouraging omens.

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Synonyms for encouraging
hopeful: likely, promising, rosy