Definition of encumbrance Pronunciation
1. Something that encumbers; a burden that must be carried.
2. An interest, right, burden, or liability attached to a title of land, such as a lien or mortgage.
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English - English - encumbrance Pronunciation
n. burden, hindrance, impediment; one who is dependent on another for support (especially a child); (Law) lien or claim on a property (also incumbrance)
English - Spanish - encumbrance Pronunciation
s. estorbo, embarazo, gravamen
English - French - encumbrance Pronunciation
n. encombrement, charge, fardeau
English - German - encumbrance Pronunciation
n. Belastung, Last, Bürde
English - Italian - encumbrance Pronunciation
s. ingombro; impaccio, impedimento; (Dir) carichi ipotecari; (Dir) persona a carico; figlio a carico
English - Portuguese - encumbrance Pronunciation
s. carga; obstáculo, embaraço, estorvo
English - Russian - encumbrance Pronunciation
с. препятствие, затруднение, бремя, обуза, иждивенец, закладная
English - Turkish - encumbrance Pronunciation
i. yük, yükümlülük, engel, sorumluluk, borç, ipotek, sorumlu olunan kişi
English - Dutch - encumbrance Pronunciation
zn. last, belemmering
English - Greek - encumbrance Pronunciation
ουσ. βάρος, επιβάρυνση, εμπόδιο
English - Chinese - encumbrance Pronunciation
(名) 阻碍, 累赘, 妨害物
English - Chinese - encumbrance Pronunciation
(名) 阻礙, 累贅, 妨害物
English - Japanese - encumbrance Pronunciation
(名) 邪魔物, 障害物; 頼る人(特に子供); 負担の権利(incumbrance とも綴る)
English - Korean - encumbrance Pronunciation
명. 방해물, 부동산상의 부담, 부동산상의 채무, 계루

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Synonyms for encumbrance
burden: cross, hardship, affliction, onus, ordeal, trial, grievance