adj. infinite, eternal, having no end
English - Spanish - endless Pronunciation
adj. interminable, imperecedero, inacabable, infinito, perenne, sin cuento, sin fin, sin final, sin término
English - French - endless Pronunciation
adj. infini
English - German - endless Pronunciation
adj. endlos
English - Italian - endless Pronunciation
agg. infinito, senza fine; sterminato, sconfinato, immenso; incessante, continuo; (Mecc) perpetuo
English - Portuguese - endless Pronunciation
adj. sem fim, infinito
English - Russian - endless Pronunciation
прил. бесконечный, нескончаемый, безысходный, бесчисленный
English - Turkish - endless Pronunciation
s. sonsuz, daimi, bitmek bilmeyen, ebedi, uçsuz bucaksız, ölümsüz, bitmez tükenmez
English - Albanian - endless Pronunciation
adj. pafund: i pafund, pambarim: i pambarim, vazhdueshëm: i vazhdueshëm, paanë: i paanë, paqëllim: i paqëllim
English - Dutch - endless Pronunciation
bn. eindeloos, zonder einde
English - Greek - endless Pronunciation
επίθ. ατέλειωτος, ακατάπαυστος
English - Chinese - endless Pronunciation
(形) 不停的, 无尽的, 无穷尽的
English - Chinese - endless Pronunciation
(形) 不停的, 無盡的, 無窮盡的
English - Japanese - endless Pronunciation
(形) 終わりのない; 長々しい; 切れ目のない
English - Korean - endless Pronunciation
형. 끝이 없는, 영원한
adjective: tiresomely long; seemingly without end Example:Endless debates.
adjective: having the ends united so as to form a continuous whole Example:An endless chain.
adjective: infinitely great in number Example:Endless waves.
adjective: having no known beginning and presumably no end Example:Time is endless.
adjective: occurring so frequently as to seem ceaseless or uninterrupted
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Synonyms for endless
1. eternal: enduring, everlasting, perpetual, undying
2. boundless: measureless, untold, unbounded, continuous, immeasurable, incessant