Definition of endocranium Pronunciation
1. The layer between the dura mater and the skull.
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English - English - endocranium Pronunciation
n. inner lining of the skull (Anatomy)
English - Spanish - endocranium Pronunciation
s. endocráneo
English - French - endocranium Pronunciation
n. intérieur du crâne
English - German - endocranium Pronunciation
n. Endokranium, Schädelinnenseite
English - Italian - endocranium Pronunciation
s. endocranio
English - Portuguese - endocranium Pronunciation
s. endocrânio (Anat.- porção da dura-máter que reveste o encéfalo)
English - Turkish - endocranium Pronunciation
dura mater
English - Dutch - endocranium Pronunciation
zn. de binnenkant van de schedelholte
English - Chinese - endocranium Pronunciation
(名) 硬脑膜; 颅内骨膜
English - Chinese - endocranium Pronunciation
(名) 硬腦膜; 顱內骨膜
English - Japanese - endocranium Pronunciation
(名) 頭蓋内膜; 内頭蓋(解剖学)

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