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English English - Definition of endure 
v. suffer without complaint, tolerate; continue on in spite of difficulty
v. endure, bear, suffer, undergo
v. endure, suffer without complaint, tolerate; continue on in spite of difficulty
Spanish English To Spanish - endure 
v. resistir, aguantar, padecer, sobrellevar, soportar, sufrir; sobreponerse; ser perdurable
French English To French - endure 
v. supporter, endurer; durer, rester
German English To German - endure 
v. erleiden; ertragen; ausdauern
Italian English To Italian - endure 
v. resistere a; sopportare, soffrire, tollerare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - endure 
v. sofrer; prolongar, permanecer; resistir, agüentar; durar
Russian English To Russian - endure 
г. вынести, выдерживать, вытерпеть, стойко переносить; выдерживать испытание временем; продолжаться, длиться
Turkish English To Turkish - endure 
f. durmak, var olmak, sürmek, devam etmek, dayanmak, katlanmak, sabretmek, dişini sıkmak
English French To English - endure 
[endurer] v. endure, bear, suffer, undergo
Albanian English To Albanian - endure 
v. duroj, pësoj, qëndroj, rezistoj
Dutch English To Dutch - endure 
ww. lijden; dragen; doorzetten
Greek English To Greek - endure 
ρήμ. αντέχω, διαρκώ, υποφέρω, υπομένω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - endure 
(动) 忍耐, 忍受; 容忍; 忍耐, 忍受; 持久, 持续
ChineseT English To ChineseT - endure 
(動) 忍耐, 忍受; 容忍; 忍耐, 忍受; 持久, 持續
Japanese English To Japanese - endure 
(動) 耐える; 我慢する; 持ちこたえる
Korean English To Korean - endure 
동. 견디다, 참다; 지탱하다, 버티다, 어려움에도 불구하고 계속하다
verb: undergo or be subjected to
verb: persist or be long; in time
verb: face or endure with courage
verb: put up with something or somebody unpleasant Example:The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks.
verb: last and be usable
verb: continue to exist Example:The legend of Elvis endures.
verb: continue to live; endure or last


 Synonyms for endure
1. experience: take, allow, brook, permit, submit
2. support: survive, bear, brave, experience, face, withstand
3. remain: hold, continue, exist, last, abide, persist, stay
Tenses for endure
Present participle: enduring
Present: endure (3.person: endures)
Past: endured
Future: will endure
Present conditional: would endure
Present Perfect: have endured (3.person: has endured)
Past Perfect: had endured
Future Perfect: will have endured
Past conditional: would have endured

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