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English English - Definition of enduring 
adj. lasting, persisting, remaining
Spanish English To Spanish - enduring 
adj. perdurable, continuativo, diuturno, duradero, estoico, permanente, que dura mucho tiempo
French English To French - enduring 
adj. durable, persévérant, éternel
German English To German - enduring 
[endure] v. erleiden; ertragen; ausdauern
adj. andauernd, endlos
Italian English To Italian - enduring 
agg. duraturo, durevole, stabile; paziente, tollerante
Portuguese English To Portuguese - enduring 
adj. duradouro, resistente, eterno
Russian English To Russian - enduring 
прил. прочный, стойкий, выносливый, терпеливый, длительный, продолжительный
Turkish English To Turkish - enduring 
s. sürekli, uzun süren, sabırlı, dayanıklı, baki
Albanian English To Albanian - enduring 
adj. qëndrueshëm: i qëndrueshëm, fortë: i fortë
Dutch English To Dutch - enduring 
bn. blijvend, voortdurend
Greek English To Greek - enduring 
επίθ. διαρκής, καρτερικός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - enduring 
(形) 持久的; 耐久的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - enduring 
(形) 持久的; 耐久的
Japanese English To Japanese - enduring 
(形) 永続する
(動) 耐える; 我慢する; 持ちこたえる
Korean English To Korean - enduring 
형. 참는, 지속하는, 영속적인
adjective: patiently enduring continual wrongs or trouble Example:An enduring disposition.
adjective: unceasing.


 Synonyms for enduring
permanent: constant, stable, lasting, perpetual, everlasting, secure, abiding

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