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Albanian English - Albanian - grieve
n. qeder, vrerosje
v. fyej, ankoj, ofendoj, brengos, hidhëroj, vreros
Related Albanian Translations
grieved: n. lëndim
adj. lënduar: i lënduar, vrerosur: i vrerosur


 Synonyms for grieve
1. agonise:
2. lament: mourn, bemoan, bewail, sorrow, suffer, weep
3. agonize: pain, depress, distress, sadden
Tenses for grieve
Present participle: grieving
Present: grieve (3.person: grieves)
Past: grieved
Future: will grieve
Present conditional: would grieve
Present Perfect: have grieved (3.person: has grieved)
Past Perfect: had grieved
Future Perfect: will have grieved
Past conditional: would have grieved

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