laud in Albanian

n. lëvdatë, lavdërim, lavd [fet.], himn [fet.]
v. lavdëroj, lëvdoj, mburr
verb: praise, glorify, or honor
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #62516)
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Synonyms for laud
commend: extol, praise, compliment, applaud, acclaim, hail, support
Related Albanian Translations
laudable adj. lavdërueshëm: i lavdërueshëm, lëvdoj: për t'u lëvduar
laudanum n. tretësirë opiumi
laudation n. lavdërim
laudatory adj. lavdërues
lauditive adj. lavdërues
Verb forms for laud
Present participle: lauding
Present: laud (3.person: lauds)
Past: lauded
Future: will laud
Present conditional: would laud
Present Perfect: have lauded (3.person: has lauded)
Past Perfect: had lauded
Future Perfect: will have lauded
Past conditional: would have lauded