team in Albanian

n. skuadër, ekip, brigadë, grup
v. grupohem
Related Albanian Translations
team up withv. bashkohem me
teammaten. shok grupi
teamstern. shofer kamioni, karrocier
teamwiseadv. bashkë, se bashku
teamworkn. bashkërendim, bashkëpunim
noun: two or more draft animals that work together to pull something
noun: a cooperative unit
verb: form a team Example:We teamed up for this new project.

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Synonyms for team
1. close-knit crew: company, crew, squad, trio, contingent, corps
2. draft animals: pair, yoke, span, set, rig
Verb forms for team
Present participle: teaming
Present: team (3.person: teams)
Past: teamed
Future: will team
Present conditional: would team
Present Perfect: have teamed (3.person: has teamed)
Past Perfect: had teamed
Future Perfect: will have teamed
Past conditional: would have teamed