Off in Chinese and example sentences

Off in Chinese

(形) 离去的; 休假的, 不上班的; 偏离的; 不合时令的
(副) 走开, 隔断, 出发
(介) 走开, 隔断, 出发#离去的; 休假的, 不上班的; 偏离的; 不合时令的#离开#宣布中止#离开..., 隔着...; 从...脱落, 从...掉下; 在海面; 偏离...

Off in Chinese

(形) 離去的; 休假的, 不上班的; 偏離的; 不合時令的
(副) 走開, 隔斷, 出發
(介) 走開, 隔斷, 出發#離去的; 休假的, 不上班的; 偏離的; 不合時令的#離開#宣佈中止#離開..., 隔著...; 從...脫落, 從...掉下; 在海面; 偏離...

Example Sentences

After taking some time off dating after the break-up with Sandro, I started enjoying life again, and I'm even more inspired than before!
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“Are you 5 years old?” Jessica asked with a resigned sigh. She wiped a few strands of hair back from her damp face and reached for a dish towel to dry off with, only to have Caden spray water on that, too.
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“You heard me,” he answered. “I’m not going to apologize for being blunt about it.” He moved around her, storming off toward Ellie’s empty room. He slept on the couch normally. She slumped onto it. She wasn’t even sure what had come over her or why she’d
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“Now grab your jacket. And dry off your hair,” he added, for which she smacked him on the arm with the book while he ran off to the living room. She quickly chased after him, laughing as she went.
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He moves quick and sudden. The knife catches me by surprise and the stab of pain throws me off balance. When I sink to my knees, I stare blankly at Harrington’s face, as his hand slowly releases the handle to leave it in my stomach. He pulls the gag from
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“They buried somebody,” he answers, and pushes me off. He almost sounds like he regrets it. All those days we spent on patrol together, sharing our lives and our trust. It never seemed like we withheld anything from each other, but here he was. Dizziness
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It’s getting harder to speak and to focus. I’m starting to drift off, and would, but the pain is twisting in my stomach.
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Synonyms for Off
1. away from: away, disappearing, vanishing, removing
2. remote: negligent, slight, small, slim, slender, outside
3. distant: ahead, removed, far, remote, afar, behind, up front
4. not on duty: gone, on vacation, unemployed
5. mistaken: wrong, erring, in error, confused
6. crazy: odd, peculiar, queer, insane
Verb forms for Off
Present participle: offing
Present: off (3.person: offs)
Past: offed
Future: will off
Present conditional: would off
Present Perfect: have offed (3.person: has offed)
Past Perfect: had offed
Future Perfect: will have offed
Past conditional: would have offed