crush in Chinese and example sentences

crush in Chinese

(名) 压碎, 毁坏; 压榨; 压皱; 镇压
(动) 压碎, 压坏; 榨; 碾碎; 弄皱; 被压碎, 被压坏; 起皱; 被碾碎; 挤

crush in Chinese

(名) 壓碎, 毀壞; 壓榨; 壓皺; 鎮壓
(動) 壓碎, 壓壞; 榨; 碾碎; 弄皺; 被壓碎, 被壓壞; 起皺; 被碾碎; 擠

Example Sentences

For a long time society was strongly hierarchal and unequal, primarily composed of peasants. The most backward, impoverished population, were crushed by the weight of the taxes, wars, and famines.
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He has had a crush on her.
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Mary was Tom's high school crush.
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The king crushed his enemies.
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Synonyms for crush
1. infatuation: love, flame, passion
2. gathering: drove, flock
3. press: jam, beat, bruise, mash, mangle, compress, crumple
4. pulverise
5. pulverize: grind, crunch, break, mush, crumble, pulp, disintegrate
6. overcome: humble, conquer, annihilate, overthrow, oppress, extinguish, repress
Verb forms for crush
Present participle: crushing
Present: crush (3.person: crushes)
Past: crushed
Future: will crush
Present conditional: would crush
Present Perfect: have crushed (3.person: has crushed)
Past Perfect: had crushed
Future Perfect: will have crushed
Past conditional: would have crushed