delegate in Chinese and example sentences

delegate in Chinese

(名) 代表
(动) 委派...为代表

delegate in Chinese

(名) 代表
(動) 委派...為代表

Example Sentences

Delegates from many countries participated in the conference.
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Several delegates disagreed.
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Synonyms for delegate
1. appoint: commission, authorise, authorize, deputise, deputize, depute, entrust, name
2. representative: emissary, ambassador, proxy, deputy, substitute, envoy
3. authorise
4. authorize: entrust, transfer
Verb forms for delegate
Present participle: delegating
Present: delegate (3.person: delegates)
Past: delegated
Future: will delegate
Present conditional: would delegate
Present Perfect: have delegated (3.person: has delegated)
Past Perfect: had delegated
Future Perfect: will have delegated
Past conditional: would have delegated