knee in Chinese and example sentences

knee in Chinese

(名) 膝; 膝盖
(动) 膝行, 用膝盖碰

knee in Chinese

(名) 膝; 膝蓋
(動) 膝行, 用膝蓋碰

Example Sentences

He moves quick and sudden. The knife catches me by surprise and the stab of pain throws me off balance. When I sink to my knees, I stare blankly at Harrington’s face, as his hand slowly releases the handle to leave it in my stomach. He pulls the gag from
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Verb forms for knee
Present participle: kneeing
Present: knee (3.person: knees)
Past: kneed
Future: will knee
Present conditional: would knee
Present Perfect: have kneed (3.person: has kneed)
Past Perfect: had kneed
Future Perfect: will have kneed
Past conditional: would have kneed