overthrow in Chinese and example sentences

overthrow in Chinese

(名) 推翻, 倾覆, 瓦解
(动) 打倒, 颠覆, 推翻

overthrow in Chinese

(名) 推翻, 傾覆, 瓦解
(動) 打倒, 顛覆, 推翻

Example Sentences

Reactionary groups were overthrown by the people.
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The depravity of the king's deeds lead the people to believe he was nothing more than a tyrant that needed to be overthrown.
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Synonyms for overthrow
1. destruction: defeat, demolition, dispersion, rout, ruin
2. deposition: displacement, fall
3. conquer: overrun, crush, defeat, master, overcome, overpower, overwhelm
4. upset: overturn, overset, topple, tumble
5. destroy: demolish, eradicate, exterminate, level, terminate, raze, abolish
6. run: destroy, ruin, subvert
Verb forms for overthrow
Present participle: overthrowing
Present: overthrow (3.person: overthrows)
Past: overthrew
Future: will overthrow
Present conditional: would overthrow
Present Perfect: have overthrown (3.person: has overthrown)
Past Perfect: had overthrown
Future Perfect: will have overthrown
Past conditional: would have overthrown