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ChineseS English - Chinese - fart
(名) 屁
(动) 放屁
Related Chinese Translations
farther: (形) 更远的; 进一步的
(副) 更远地; 此外; 再往前地
farthermost: (形) 最远的
farthest: (形) 最远的
farthing: (名) 1/4便士; 极少量; 一点儿
farthingale: (名) 鲸骨环; 以鲸骨环撑大的裙子


Tenses for fart
Present participle: farting
Present: fart (3.person: farts)
Past: farted
Future: will fart
Present conditional: would fart
Present Perfect: have farted (3.person: has farted)
Past Perfect: had farted
Future Perfect: will have farted
Past conditional: would have farted

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