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(名) 膝; 膝盖
(动) 膝行, 用膝盖碰
Related Chinese Translations
knee bend: n. 折弯 (zhe2 wan1)
knee breeches: 长及膝部的短裤
knee cap: n. 髌骨 (bın4 gu3), 护膝 (hu4 xı1), 膑 (bın4)
knee jerk: n. 膝反射 (xı1 fan3 she4)
knee pad: n. 护膝 (hu4 xı1), 韍 (fu2), 袚 (fu2)
knee reflex: n. 膝反射 (xı1 fan3 she4)
kneecap: (名) 膝盖骨; 护膝
knee-cap: n. 髌骨 (bın4 gu3), 护膝 (hu4 xı1), 膑 (bın4)
kneecapping: (名) 用枪击穿膝盖
kneehole: (名) 桌下可容双膝的地方
kneel: (动) 跪下
kneeler: n. 跪者 (guı4 zhe3), 跪拜者 (guı4 baı4 zhe3), 跪台 (guı4 taı2)
kneeling: [kneel] (动) 跪下
kneepad: (名) 护膝
knee-pad: n. 护膝 (hu4 xı1), 韍 (fu2), 袚 (fu2)
kneepan: (名) 膝盖骨


Tenses for knee
Present participle: kneeing
Present: knee (3.person: knees)
Past: kneed
Future: will knee
Present conditional: would knee
Present Perfect: have kneed (3.person: has kneed)
Past Perfect: had kneed
Future Perfect: will have kneed
Past conditional: would have kneed

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