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(形) 離去的; 休假的, 不上班的; 偏離的; 不合時令的
(副) 走開, 隔斷, 出發
(介) 走開, 隔斷, 出發#離去的; 休假的, 不上班的; 偏離的; 不合時令的#離開#宣佈中止#離開..., 隔著...; 從...脫落, 從...掉下; 在海面; 偏離...
Related Chinese Translations
off and on: 斷斷續續地
off color: 精神不好
off course: n. 偏航 (pıan1 hang2)
off day: 倒楣的日子
off duty: 下班
off hand: 立刻, 無準備地
off his rocker: 發瘋
off key: 走調的; 不和諧的
off limits: 禁止入內之地區
off one's dot: adj. 發瘋 (fa1 feng1)
off one's own bat: id. 獨立地 (du2 lı4 dı4)
off peak: 非尖峰的, 非高峰的
off season: 淡季
off shore: 離岸; 在近海處
off stage: 後臺的; 幕後的; 臺外的
off the cuff: 未預備的; 即席的
off the record: 非正式地, 不可引用地
off the reel: 不停地; 滔滔不絕地
off the track: 出軌, 失去蹤跡, 離題
off track: 場外進行的


 Synonyms for Off
1. away from: away, disappearing, vanishing, removing
2. remote: negligent, slight, small, slim, slender, outside
3. distant: ahead, removed, far, remote, afar, behind, up front
4. not on duty: gone, on vacation, unemployed
5. mistaken: wrong, erring, in error, confused
6. crazy: odd, peculiar, queer, insane
Tenses for Off
Present participle: offing
Present: off (3.person: offs)
Past: offed
Future: will off
Present conditional: would off
Present Perfect: have offed (3.person: has offed)
Past Perfect: had offed
Future Perfect: will have offed
Past conditional: would have offed

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