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ChineseT English - Chinese - alert
(名) 警報, 警戒; 警戒期間; 警戒狀態
(動) 向...報警; 使注意; 使警覺; 通知待命
(形) 靈敏的, 警覺的, 留心的
Related Chinese Translations
alert and resourceful: adj. 機敏 (jı1 mın3)
alertly: (副) 提高警覺地; 留意地
alertness: (名) 警覺; 活潑; 機警; 靈活, 敏捷


 Synonyms for alert
1. sharp-witted: swift, active, intelligent, quick, brisk, agile, lively
2. aware: wakeful, attentive, vigilant, on the ball, circumspect, wary, heedful
3. caution: alertness, signal, vigilance, alarm, wariness, warning, siren
4. warn: caution, inform, signal
Tenses for alert
Present participle: alerting
Present: alert (3.person: alerts)
Past: alerted
Future: will alert
Present conditional: would alert
Present Perfect: have alerted (3.person: has alerted)
Past Perfect: had alerted
Future Perfect: will have alerted
Past conditional: would have alerted

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