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(名) 胸像, 半身像; 胸圍; 胸部#失敗; 毆打; 破產; 逮捕
(動) 使爆裂, 使斷裂; 弄壞; 打破; 使破產; 爆裂; 壞掉; 打破; 破產, 失敗
(形) 破了產的; 損壞了的; 垮了的
Related Chinese Translations
bustard: n. 鴇鳥 (bao3 nıao3)
busted: [bust] (動) 使爆裂, 使斷裂; 弄壞; 打破; 使破產; 爆裂; 壞掉; 打破; 破產, 失敗
buster: (名) 龐然大物; 非凡的人; 小鬼; 茁壯的孩子; 小傢伙
bustle: (名) 忙亂, 喧囂#腰墊, 裙撐
(動) 催促; 使忙碌; 鬧哄哄地忙亂; 充滿; 奔忙
bustling: (形) 活躍的; 忙亂的; 奔忙的; 熙攘的
bustling with noise: adj. 熱鬧 (re4 nao5)
bustup: n. 停止 (tıng2 zhı3), 爭執 (zheng1 zhı2), 爭吵 (zheng1 chao3)


 Synonyms for bust
1. sculpture: statue, portrait, image, model, carving, figure
2. bosom: breast, torso, chest, thorax, teats, boobs
Tenses for bust
Present participle: busting
Present: bust (3.person: busts)
Past: busted
Future: will bust
Present conditional: would bust
Present Perfect: have busted (3.person: has busted)
Past Perfect: had busted
Future Perfect: will have busted
Past conditional: would have busted

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