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ChineseT English - Chinese - mantle
(名) 披風, 斗篷; 覆蓋物; 衣缽; 罩
(動) 覆蓋; 掩藏, 遮掩; 覆蓋, 臉紅
Related Chinese Translations
mantled: [mantle] (動) 覆蓋; 掩藏, 遮掩; 覆蓋, 臉紅
mantlet: [mantelet] (名) 短披風; 防彈盾


 Synonyms for mantle
layer: covering, sheath, blanket, snowfall
Tenses for mantle
Present participle: mantling
Present: mantle (3.person: mantles)
Past: mantled
Future: will mantle
Present conditional: would mantle
Present Perfect: have mantled (3.person: has mantled)
Past Perfect: had mantled
Future Perfect: will have mantled
Past conditional: would have mantled

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