brisk in Dutch

bn. kort; snel; verfrissend
verb: become brisk Example:Business brisked up.
adjective: very active Example:Doing a brisk business.
adjective: quick and energetic Example:A brisk walk in the park.
adjective: imparting vitality and energy
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #65343)
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Synonyms for brisk
1. sharp: smart, acute, stimulating
2. active: busy, effervescent, excited, agile, hasty, alert
Related Dutch Translations
brisk about ww. vlug rondlopen, weer : in de weer zijn
brisk up ww. aanvuren, aanwakkeren, vlug komen, versnellen, aanzetten : komen aanzetten, optooien : zich optooien, opleven
brisket zn. borst, borststuk (v. dier)
briskness zn. vlotheid
Verb forms for brisk
Present participle: brisking
Present: brisk (3.person: brisks)
Past: brisked
Future: will brisk
Present conditional: would brisk
Present Perfect: have brisked (3.person: has brisked)
Past Perfect: had brisked
Future Perfect: will have brisked
Past conditional: would have brisked