classic in English

adj. classic, excellent, timeless, traditional, serving as a model (in art and literature), of or pertaining to Greek and Roman antiquities

classic in Dutch

zn. klassiek (een klassiek kunst- of muziekstuk)
bn. voorbeeldelijk; klassiek
noun: a creation of the highest excellence
noun: an artist who has created classic works
adjective: adhering to established standards and principles Example:A classic proof.
adjective: characteristic of the classical artistic and literary traditions
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Related Dutch Translations
classic manicure zn. klassieke manicure
classical bn. voorbeeld; klassiek
classical music klassieke muziek, concertmuziek, opera, jazz
classicism zn. klassiek
classicist zn. classicus; classica
classicize ww. klassiek maken
Classics [classic] zn. klassiek (een klassiek kunst- of muziekstuk)