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Dutch English - Dutch - distress
zn. nood, gevaar; verdriet, spijt
ww. leed berokkenen, pijn/verdriet doen
Related Dutch Translations
distress call: noodkreet
distress frequency: noodfrequentie
distress signal: noodsignaal
distressed: bn. rampzalig
distressful: bn. pijn veroorzakend, verdriet veroorzakend
distressfully: bw. verontrustend
distressing: bn. pijn of verdriet veroorzakend
distressingly: bw. pijn/verdriet veroorzakend, verontrustend


 Synonyms for distress
1. misfortune: strait, deprivation, destitution, indigence, necessity, need, poverty
2. grief: torment, worry, adversity, dolour, woe, affliction, agony
3. bother: harass, afflict, upset, aggrieve, rack, disturb, constrain
Tenses for distress
Present participle: distressing
Present: distress (3.person: distresses)
Past: distressed
Future: will distress
Present conditional: would distress
Present Perfect: have distressed (3.person: has distressed)
Past Perfect: had distressed
Future Perfect: will have distressed
Past conditional: would have distressed

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