incite in Dutch

ww. aansporen, prikkelen
verb: provoke or stir up Example:Incite a riot.
verb: urge on; cause to act
verb: give an incentive for action
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Synonyms for incite
provoke: induce, animate, galvanise, galvanize, prompt, arouse, innervate, call forth
Related Dutch Translations
incite to ww. opwekken, aansporen, aandrijven
incited bn. opgewekt; bezield; geïnspireerd
incited the uprising het oproer opwekken
incitement zn. aansporing, prikkel
incitement to rebellion aanzetten tot opstand
incitement to revolt tot opstand ophitsen
inciter zn. iem die aanspoort, prikkelt
Verb forms for incite
Present participle: inciting
Present: incite (3.person: incites)
Past: incited
Future: will incite
Present conditional: would incite
Present Perfect: have incited (3.person: has incited)
Past Perfect: had incited
Future Perfect: will have incited
Past conditional: would have incited