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Dutch English - Dutch - mimic
zn. na-aper
ww. nabootsen, nadoen; na-apen
bn. mimisch, nabootsend; nagebootst; geveinsd, schijn, onecht
Related Dutch Translations
mimicry: zn. mimiek; nabootsing; mimicry; (kleur)aanpassing


 Synonyms for mimic
mime: copy, exaggerate, imitate, parody, impersonate, pantomime, ape
Tenses for mimic
Present participle: mimicking
Present: mimic (3.person: mimics)
Past: mimicked
Future: will mimic
Present conditional: would mimic
Present Perfect: have mimicked (3.person: has mimicked)
Past Perfect: had mimicked
Future Perfect: will have mimicked
Past conditional: would have mimicked

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