commission in English and example sentences

commission in English

n. percentage of profits earned by a salesperson; document that grants certain powers; authorization
v. contract, order; confer rank or authority, empower, authorize
n. commission, committee; board; shopping
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Synonyms for commission
1. order: command, direction, authorisation, authorization, permission, ordinance, injunction, license
2. entrustment: delegation, sending, authorizing, assignment
3. duty: task, function, obligation, office, trust, work, responsibility
4. committee: board, representatives, council, delegation, agency
5. remuneration: royalty, compensation, stipend, payment, fee, salary, indemnity
6. empower: authorise, authorize, order, appoint, assign, bid, dictate, adjure
Verb forms for commission
Present participle: commissioning
Present: commission (3.person: commissions)
Past: commissioned
Future: will commission
Present conditional: would commission
Present Perfect: have commissioned (3.person: has commissioned)
Past Perfect: had commissioned
Future Perfect: will have commissioned
Past conditional: would have commissioned