compose in English and example sentences

compose in English

v. create, write; arrange; calm oneself; settle
v. compose, make up; form; write; put together; typeset; come to terms; take a test
adj. compound, mixed; made up of, composed of
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Synonyms for compose
1. constitute: comprise, make up, consist of, belong to
2. create: design, synthesise, synthesize, combine, draft, forge, originate, consolidate
3. arrange: order, align, rank, array, place, adjust, organise, organize
4. write: score, invent, conceive, imagine, author, coin, program
5. control: calm, quiet, still, collect
6. set type: set, make up
Verb forms for compose
Present participle: composing
Present: compose (3.person: composes)
Past: composed
Future: will compose
Present conditional: would compose
Present Perfect: have composed (3.person: has composed)
Past Perfect: had composed
Future Perfect: will have composed
Past conditional: would have composed