frame in English and example sentences

frame in English

n. casing; skeleton; structure; body structure; mood; picture in a film; (Internet) data packet that includes header and footer fields that are needed to display data on a physical medium
v. enclose in a frame (i.e. a picture); contrive false evidence against, set up (Slang); construct, build; fashion; formulate
n. frame, structure
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Synonyms for frame
1. structural case: case, enclosure, span, support
2. chassis: scaffold, skeleton, framework, fabric, support, structure, cadre
3. exposure: take, scan, setting, image, outline
4. put together: build, contrive, erect, conceive, devise, sketch, draw up
5. enclose: confine, encircle, outline, limit, set off, mount, border
6. fake the evidence against: set up
Verb forms for frame
Present participle: framing
Present: frame (3.person: frames)
Past: framed
Future: will frame
Present conditional: would frame
Present Perfect: have framed (3.person: has framed)
Past Perfect: had framed
Future Perfect: will have framed
Past conditional: would have framed