organize in English and example sentences

organize in English

[organize (Amer.) ] v. arrange, order, systematize; establish, set up; unite; coordinate something; orchestrate, manage; unionize, form a union; organize into a labor union (also organise)
v. arrange, organize; form, stage; fix up; work out
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Synonyms for organize
1. order: arrange, systematise, systematize, compose, combine, adjust, line up, regulate
2. establish: institute, constitute, synthesise, synthesize, construct, co-ordinate, prepare, dispose
3. combine: incorporate
Verb forms for organize
Present participle: organizing
Present: organize (3.person: organizes)
Past: organized
Future: will organize
Present conditional: would organize
Present Perfect: have organized (3.person: has organized)
Past Perfect: had organized
Future Perfect: will have organized
Past conditional: would have organized