overthrow in English and example sentences

overthrow in English

n. defeat, downfall; revolution, subversion; destruction, ruin
v. throw a ball beyond the intended mark (Sports); cause to fall down, overturn; remove a person or group of people from power, oust; abolish, put an end to (an institution, convention, etc.)
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Synonyms for overthrow
1. destruction: defeat, demolition, dispersion, rout, ruin
2. deposition: displacement, fall
3. conquer: overrun, crush, defeat, master, overcome, overpower, overwhelm
4. upset: overturn, overset, topple, tumble
5. destroy: demolish, eradicate, exterminate, level, terminate, raze, abolish
6. run: destroy, ruin, subvert
Verb forms for overthrow
Present participle: overthrowing
Present: overthrow (3.person: overthrows)
Past: overthrew
Future: will overthrow
Present conditional: would overthrow
Present Perfect: have overthrown (3.person: has overthrown)
Past Perfect: had overthrown
Future Perfect: will have overthrown
Past conditional: would have overthrown