Opposition in French

n. opposition; résistance; concurrence

Opposition in English

(f) n. opposition, objection, bridging, dissepiment, difference, contrast
Related French Translations
opposition factionsles partis d'opposition (partis qui ne font pas partie du gouvernement)
opposition leaderdirigeant d'opposition
opposition partyparti de l'opposition (parti se trouvant face au gouvernement actuel)
oppositionaladj. oppositionnel; relatif à l'opposition
oppositionistn. de l'opposition; opposé
noun: a body of people united in opposing something
noun: a political party opposed to the party in power and prepared to replace it if elected Example:Her Majesty's loyal opposition.
noun: a contestant that you are matched against
noun: a direction opposite to another
noun: the relation between opposed entities
noun: the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with Example:Despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead.

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