figurative in French

adj. figuratif, emprunté; pittoresque; riche en images; symbolique

figurative in English

[figuratif] adj. figurative, metaphorical; representational
adjective: (used of the meanings of words or text) not literal; using figures of speech Example:Figurative language.
adjective: consisting of or forming human or animal figures Example:The figurative art of the humanistic tradition- Herbert Read.
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Synonyms for figurative
contradictory: paradoxical, contrary, ironic, incongruous, jarring, implausible
Related French Translations
figurative expression n. expression figuré (f)
figurative language n. langage figuré (m)
figuratively adv. figurativement, de façon picturale; de manière métaphorique; de manière symbolique
figurativeness n. caractère figuratif, symbolisme, pittoresque