knock in French

n. coup, choc; heurt; cognement; critique; revers; dénigrement (argot)
v. frapper, heurter, cogner; donner un coup; battre; critiquer; enfoncer (Argot); frapper de stupeur (Argot)
noun: the act of hitting vigorously
noun: negative criticism
noun: a bad experience Example:The school of hard knocks.
noun: the sound of knocking (as on a door or in an engine or bearing) Example:The knocking grew louder.
noun: a vigorous blow Example:The sudden knock floored him.
verb: find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws Example:Don't knock the food--it's free.
verb: deliver a sharp blow or push :"He knocked the glass clear across the room"
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Synonyms for knock
1. rap: tap, thump, whack, hit, pound, bang, beat
2. loud noise: tap, rap, thud, bang, thump, tapping, clang
3. criticise
4. criticize: complain, carp, find fault with, judge, put down, slam, bad-mouth
Related French Translations
knock about bourlinguer, vagabonder; malmener; bousculer
knock against HEURTER
knock against smb. v. heurter: s'heurter contre
knock against smth. v. cogner: se cogner contre
knock around v. vadrouiller, vagabonder
knock at an open door enfoncer une porte ouverte; faire un effort en vain
knock back boire d'un trait; coûter; rejeter; refuser
knock down faire tomber; écraser
knock it off arrête!, ça suffit!, ne fais plus ça!, ne recommence pas! (langage parlée)
knock it off! arrête!, ça suffit!, ne fais plus ça!, ne recommence pas! (langage parlée)
knock kneed cagneux
knock knees les genoux cagneux
knock off cesser le travail, abaisser, rÉDuire, battre
knock off his perch briser une image, descendre de grade, dégrader
knock off smoking v. cesser de fumer
knock off the crying arrête de pleurer
knock on the head faire échouer; liquider, supprimer
knock on wood touchons du bois! je touche de bois!
knock out émerveiller; écraser en compétition; mettre K.O. (coup de poing)
knock over faire tomber; renverser
Verb forms for knock
Present participle: knocking
Present: knock (3.person: knocks)
Past: knocked
Future: will knock
Present conditional: would knock
Present Perfect: have knocked (3.person: has knocked)
Past Perfect: had knocked
Future Perfect: will have knocked
Past conditional: would have knocked