yank in French

n. Amerloque, Ricain; américain; habitant du nord des USA, yanky; sodat fédéral durant la guerre de Sécession
Related French Translations
yank offenlever, extirper d'un coup sec, arracher
Yankeen. Américain, citoyen des Etats-Unis; résident au nord des Etats-Unis; "yankee"; nom donné aux habitants anglo-saxons des Etats-Unis; nom que les sudistes donnaient aux nordistes durant la Guerre de Sécession (USA)
Yankee DoodleYankee Doodle, chanson américaine poupulaire au temps de la révolution américaine
yankeeismn. américanisme, caractère d'être yankee; comportement américain; expression américaine
noun: an American
noun: an American who lives in the North (especially during the American Civil War)
noun: an American who lives in New England
verb: pull, or move with a sudden movement

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Synonyms for yank
1. jerk: tug, pull, pluck, wrench, snatch, drag, haul
2. north american
Verb forms for yank
Present participle: yanking
Present: yank (3.person: yanks)
Past: yanked
Future: will yank
Present conditional: would yank
Present Perfect: have yanked (3.person: has yanked)
Past Perfect: had yanked
Future Perfect: will have yanked
Past conditional: would have yanked