nettle in German and example sentences

nettle in German

n. Nessel
v. ärgern, reizen; Nessel

Example Sentences

The youth’s knees trembled, but when he did not go on, the old woman hit him about the legs and feet with a switch and stinging nettles.
Dem Jünglinge zitterten die Knie, aber wenn er nicht fortging, so schlug ihn die Alte mit einer Gerte und mit Brennesseln auf die Beine.
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Synonyms for nettle
irk: irritate, grate, vex, annoy, rankle
Verb forms for nettle
Present participle: nettling
Present: nettle (3.person: nettles)
Past: nettled
Future: will nettle
Present conditional: would nettle
Present Perfect: have nettled (3.person: has nettled)
Past Perfect: had nettled
Future Perfect: will have nettled
Past conditional: would have nettled