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German English - German - review
n. Bericht; Prüfung
v. überprüfung; prüfen; überdenken
Related German Translations
review copy: n. rezensionsexemplar (n)
reviewer: n. Kritiker


 Synonyms for review
1. re-examination: study, retrospection, retrospect
2. critique: criticism, analysis, judgement, examination, inspection, survey, investigation
3. inspection: procession, parade, march, drill, cavalcade
4. analyse: criticise, criticize, inspect, examine, survey
Tenses for review
Present participle: reviewing
Present: review (3.person: reviews)
Past: reviewed
Future: will review
Present conditional: would review
Present Perfect: have reviewed (3.person: has reviewed)
Past Perfect: had reviewed
Future Perfect: will have reviewed
Past conditional: would have reviewed

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