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Greek English - Greek - incite
ρήμ. ερεθίζω, διεγείρω, υποκινώ
Related Greek Translations
incited: [incite] ρήμ. ερεθίζω, διεγείρω, υποκινώ
incitement: ουσ. υποκίνηση
inciter: ουσ. ερεθιστής


 Synonyms for incite
provoke: induce, animate, galvanise, galvanize, prompt, arouse, innervate, call forth
Tenses for incite
Present participle: inciting
Present: incite (3.person: incites)
Past: incited
Future: will incite
Present conditional: would incite
Present Perfect: have incited (3.person: has incited)
Past Perfect: had incited
Future Perfect: will have incited
Past conditional: would have incited

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